Monday, May 21, 2007
Sometimes, the books you remember the most are those with hauntingly open endings... something to remember the story by, leaving it open to interpretation.
And of course, the writer intends to create that magical effect, to leave things unresolved, allowing readers to resolve them in a myriad of different ways...
Then why should someone else come along, and write a sequel to the tale, using those characters to propagate a tale that wasn't meant to be?
And yes, these sequels never do live up to the reader's expectations, are a drastic fall from the original. They leave you feeling disappointed, with a bitter thought that you should never have read it.
Consider Gone With The Wind. Ending with the classic, tomorrow's another day, it's sequel, Scarlett, by Alexandra Ripley, merely ruins the effect. the characters are handled inefficiently, the theme of the story completely abandoned. And what's worse is that in the attempt to duplicate the style, it merely reads like a disaster, not at all like the original.
Another case is Rebecca. That novel didn't even require a sequel. It was complete unto itself. But then 'Mrs. de Winter' came into being, and its arduous lines speak only of to much effort spent at replicating style, but, alas, not succeeding.

Yes, sometimes you could kill the writers for not having better endings, and leaving it open to continuation, and oftentimes, murder. I mean, it's not a movie that they're making... to leave the slot open for future generations. Of course, if they themselves wish to carry it on, it's an entirely different matter.
Hmmm... I wonder why they don't leave a will stating their complete and inviolable right over their characters


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  • At May 26, 2007 at 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i thought you did like scarlett?!? but then even i agree that the sequles do spoil(spoil is not exactly the correct word, but i don't seem to get another one) the whole scene created at the end of a particular novel but then , its the people's curiosity (and maybe even there lack of imagination) that leads them to buy the seqels of many novels, and the fact not to be forgooten is that these sequels do become a bestseller.......but thats something different we'll always find a defect in it and criticse it(we r afterall humans and nothing is perfect 4 us)but then sequles are not always spoilers, scarlett for many, was pretty interesting as the book introduced new characters and added a new dimension to the story and the audience di accept it with open hands exccept some critics(like you?)-sijin

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