Monday, May 28, 2007
Well, firm believer though I am in never having to explain my actions or writings, I think my last post warrants one. I'm sure that some people would term me narrow minded for my belief in palmistry, but I am anything but that. So here go my reasons and arguments.

* Someone, obviously a non-believer in fortune telling, ppinted out that the lines on our hands are a result of the way we hold them when in the womb. If I were to ask such a person what our future does depend on his answer would probably be 'our decisions'. Well, what are our decisions based on? Our character, our mindset, right? And where and how are these formed? By the way genes combine- during those nine months!

* As I point out, such skeptics invariably are firm believers in science- and science is not random. It believes in specific rules and patterns for everything in the universe. What makes them think that humans are governed by no such laws.

* I am definitely not suggesting that our future is completely pre-ordained. Of course we shape it, but how we do it can oftentimes be seen from the shape of our hands. And yes, I do say this from personal experience.

* Probability. There are limits to it. Too many incidents have shown predictions to come true. And for centuries. Also, can you really think that humans have been fooled for so many centuries, and continue to be so.
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  • At May 28, 2007 at 3:04 AM, Blogger boojam said…

    WOW, you really have the bit between your teeth don't you?
    Prediction only works if it's based on evidence and if you are clever, sometimes evidence is invisible to in Sherlock Holmes etc. However, as I said before some predictions will work through chance or because they are so vague.

    I agree we are guided by formulae, otherwise we would each be amorphous blobs, but very different amorphous blobs and we aren't. But I cannot believe in divine intervention. Our life here was the result of a happy accidental combination of elements; moisture, chemicals, heat, electricity etc. It seems too fantastic to believe, which is why people have always come up with fantastical explanations, none of which can be supported with any evidence, whereas science can be proved or ultimately disproved, scientifically. Who has any chance of proving or disproving God? It's impossible and because of this, should be disbelieved. Anything which is asserted but is impossible to prove or disprove, ain't worth believing. ('God' here represents any higher power not necessarily the Christian God).

  • At May 28, 2007 at 7:09 AM, Blogger Safdar -- veil-unmasked. said…

    interesting. I'll tell you what. me is not defending either side of the debate but a mere pssenger's thoughts are these..

    if every thing had to happn and a script is written, why are we going ahead with it anyways? the earth's a funny place, with funny people.a billion things happen with a billion people every second. nothing is known abut the future, because nothing is supposed to be known. it's te only reason why "time" is nown as the ultimte power.

    coming to probability, somethings can be taken into account. fine, a lot of things said do come true. but do u, by any chances, want to argue tht they are more n number than the ones which don't? come n, let's not stretch it.i know this is the plac for imaginatons to run wild and thoughts to seem exotic but hey.
    and coming to the end of it, iwonder why the point of the debate really exists. what if we di come to know what was inthe future. would the world be the same it is? you wouldn't step out of the house because you knew you were going to die in a road accident.who would control the future then?more impotantly, do u want to?.we aren;t supposed to know what the future is, we're supposed to live and find out.can't we jus do that?

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