Sunday, April 27, 2008
I walked down to the commerce section.
For some reason, whether coincidentally or not, in my school the science section is on the first floor, while the arts and commerce sections lie on the lowly ground floor. This, incidentally, is the perfect metaphor for the view with which the science people regard the ‘others’- condescension.
Whether that is actually so or not I can’t be sure, but that is definitely the impression I get, what with them being constantly late for breaks, and filling up conversations with talk of practicals, molar mass, IIT, and Math if they really, really run out of topics (because we study that, too!)
I am perfectly sick and tired of being asked my reasons for not opting for science. Shock and horror seems to the dominant expression when people ask me that, and perhaps a dollop of sympathy, too (how bad were her marks?) To which I wish I could respond that it might be more interesting to ask the people who’ve taken science why they did so, since people who do not are generally more well defined in their ideas. The ‘science people’ are generally confused, and vague, to say the least, of their prospects, and for that, go through the torture of these two years.
Another thing that really bewilders me is why those people who clearly have other talents- say being good at animation for example- would want to become engineers. Or more precisely- feel that they have to at least try to be engineers before they resort to what they are actually good at. Why must dreams just be ruined at the altar of reality? True- it’s not definite they will succeed, but why not take the chance?
Oh, and yes. Another bewildering factor is that the people whom I find really interested in science- agnostics, say, or people who are just simply fascinated by the universe- do not take it up, preferring to just watch, read and wonder.
Oh, well, I still haven’t come up with a suitable response to those people
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  • At May 26, 2008 at 5:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    listen buggibng bug, in 12th u 'll be on the same floor with us and next i actually am not very keen on missing my recess and nor is any other science student i bet on thatand talking about being confuse, lemmma tell u one thng if i am not able to tell you or express somethin' to u what i'll do in future does not make me bloody CONFUSE i am not able to express or let me make it more simple i don't want to tell it.....right now-fuming ziah

  • At May 27, 2008 at 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No. 1- Apparently Ziah was beyond breathing in her disbelief/frustration/despair/whatever-strong-emotion-that-held her-captive that she used english that cannot be excused as typographical errors. Seriously, 2 months with Gupta has destroyed you!
    No. 2- Try not musing over that "suitable response" mentioned in the last para. in front of me. You see, I fall under that very category.
    Highly amused (seriously, can hardly stop grinning),

  • At May 27, 2008 at 3:20 AM, Blogger Clezevra said…

    kirra: I know. you're one of the people of that kind that i was thinking of, and i fall into that category too. but the response 'people' refers to the earlier bunch of people.

    Ziah: stop blabbering. seriously.

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